E-Gamers Café online store is officially OPEN! To commemorate this event, we will be offering, for a limited time (ending on Feb. 28th 2019), FREE in store credit for each item purchased to purchasers.


Here's how it works:
1. Purchase our products from our website. 
Here is the link: or directly from E-Gamers Cafe's physical location.

2. Take a picture of yourself with the product purchased and post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

3. Tag our official 'E-Gamers Cafe' social media page when you post the picture on any of the social media sites mentioned above, in order for us to view your picture.

4. Afterwards, after viewing your picture, we will then Direct Message you on how to redeem your FREE in-store credit!


It's that simple!


- You can get up to $30 in-store credit if your picture contains your newly purchased E-Gamers Cafe Gaming Chair
- You can receive up to $10 in-store credit if your picture contains any ONE of the other products you newly purchased from our store!
If your picture contains your newly purchased E-Gamers Cafe gaming chair and another newly purchased product from our website, you can get up to $50 in-store credit!

Hurry up, for this special offer will not stay forever!
*This promotion ends on Feb. 28th 2019*.




*Only one photo with yourself and your newly purchased E-Gamers Cafe product will be used to receive your in-store credit. If you have multiple pictures, we will only let you redeem in-store credit from one.

*Cannot receive in-store credit from purchasing our online gift card.

*Must bring your confirmation email printed with your ID, in person, in order to receive your in-store credit.

*Must be the original purchaser to receive your in-store credit. Anyone else who tries to redeem the in-store credit and is not the original purchaser, will be denied in-store credit.

*Once you redeemed your in-store credit, you cannot receive any more during the duration of the promotion. For example, you cannot redeem your in-store credit, purchase something else from our website or physical store, then try to get more in-store credit.

*E-Gamers Cafe in-store credit can only be used to purchase game time and/or food from our cafe.

*In-store credit received from this promotion will expire after 30 days of being redeemed. You will not be able to redeem your in-store credit after the promotion is over.

Free in-store credit

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