Play in ultimate comfort with our signature E-Gamers Cafe gaming chair, the same as the ones in our store! No longer do you have to feel de-energized or worry about your posture. With the optional lumbar support pillow, (included), you can make sure your back is up right at the perfect position.


Play like a pro with authentic E-Gamers Cafe accessories!



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EGC Gaming Chair

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  • This chair is specifically designed to have you play in ultimate comfort! Each gaming chair has our unique, embroided company logo and is the same as used in our store. You will be sure to enjoy the same comfort and ultimate gaming experience.

    -Leather design

    -Recline up to a full 360 degrees! So taking a break can easily be done.

    -Head and Lumbar support pillows are INCLUDED

    -Chair can be raised up or down, for helping to find your ideal height

    -Adjustable arm rests for desired height

    -Assembly is required